We will sit under a tree of love,you and I,

Holding hands and looking into the deep blue of our eyes,

Thinking of kissing and fearing the crowds,

And all we can do is smile,think of our dreams together,

And smile again,then hug to hide our thoughts.

We will water the tree of our love,with love and water,

And still the neighbor’s will be greener,and better?

But,does a man reach beyond his height?

Carry a spear larger than my shield?

We might envy them,and lock it within our hearts

For our tree too will grow.
One day we will bask under its shade,and glow in the sunlight of its dark.

One day too,we will smile to our arms,for all they have done

For they said those that lived their ages

That the incompletion of our kind is complete sans the other

Like I am naked without you

  1. With love…Kantai

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