My conscience calls girls like her the ` girl figures actively seeking father figures.` That is just my conscience, not my words please, but in her defense she will always say how people her age, which is also my age, are petty and controlling, and do not know how to live. Dear ladies and gentleman, you don’t wait for the missiles to hit you when this sort of conversation starts. You`d rather haul your bag, and get a call from your long dead great- grandmother asking you how grass has grown back in your village, or else you`d spend the whole day trying to justify how `romantic` you can be.

THE LADIES IN MY LIFE 1: Valentine Jebet

here are this people in your life that almost seem like they should be living on the edge of action, where their energies are. She is definitely one. She does everything with a level of gusto and passion that sometimes baffles everyone. I earlier said that she never walks slowly; I don’t even know how she strolls because she is always moving like she has an appointment the next moment