I Am A Man

I am A man,a man who cries in silence,

Into the pillows,in the dark,

On my own.

Sometimes, I hold my crucifix when I do,

But , they said that Christ is a crutch for the weak,

Sometimes, I hold those close to me,

But they too want not a man who cries,

The world says I should let the tears drop,

Drop into my stomach.


I am A man, a man who stands in strength,

My insides churn like milk urns, but I can`t,

I can`t let the world see the turmoil,

To the world, I should smile, be a beacon.

I should carry them on my shoulders,

Even when those shoulders stagger and statter,


I am A man, the world only wants a man of me.

A man should stand and be counted, even when

His toes are blistering with pain

I am a man, a man who weeps,  only in hiding,

But I weep all the same, I weep harder than you do.

If a brother should die I should carry their caskets ,

From the hearse, to the grave,

With a stoic smile on my face,

I will heap the soil on the grave, thinking hard ,

As it rises, the grave will call to me’

“ Friend, being a man too much, will take you there,
Too first,To the grave.”


I am A man,but let me be.

Let me cry in peace, out in the world,

Where you all can see me howl

if you want me to live,

And a hug probably,

Because men, men are not cast of stone.

They too hurt,

And they too cry.

I am a man, let me cry,

The tears wont make me a man any less.

I am a man.

Author: kantai

3 thoughts on “I Am A Man

  1. Great poem.Great perspectivism from the writer and im happy because at last i have seen a writer who holds similar sentiments as i do.That men too,are humans only that society expects them to behave as if they dont have flesh and blood.

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