Even you Brutus?” The not so pleasing words of Caesar when his best friend plunged a dagger deep into his torso right inside the Roman parliament. And that is exactly what the `owners` of Enkare Review are doing with Troy Onyango. Betrayal, betrayal and debauchery at its uttermost.

The story of Enkare Review, hitherto Kenya`s premier short story and only online review reads like one of those sordid and sometimes cumbersome tales that you would hear from any stereotype around the world. A tale of hangers on, wanting a bigger share of the glory,m and attempting a coup de tat on the founder.

To be honest, the rest of us don’t know anything much about the rest of the 14 characters who claim to have been part of the process. To us, and the world, Enkare review is Troy Onyango, and Troy Onyango is Enkare Review. In so much as this might be a juvenile approach, trying to exonerate their misgivings by the usual scape- goating and blame asportation is nothing short of comical.The apparent lack of decorum and a  cynism that can best be described as abstracted, coupled with the never ceasing ad hominem attacks on the young man, goes even beyond the normal ` we have a conflict of inerest` type of problems.

Enkare was everyone`s dream. I`d be honest enough to raise the plethora of complains about the working of the review, especially in recent times which has more often than not bordered on abject debauchery. It`s really amazing, that this  decrepit display of arrogant by the `admins` ore whatever they are called symbolizes to the young writers in this God-forsaken country. We had much o much progress in this year, and in just one day, when all the work was lost on the altars of a disagreement that reeks of copious amounts of backstabbing and frontstabbing.

Again the plight of the reader has been forgotten, as usual. The rest of us who keep checking our emails form updates on the newest reads have just won ourselves another raw deal. Any well deserving person might have a tid-bit of remorse for the men and women playing victims in this case, and some of us are even trying to play devil`s advocate by blaming Troy for walking out on a couple of frenemies, but I`d ask you something, would Mark Zuckerberg bring down facebook as payback, would Magunga or Bikozulu bring down their sites because a couple of Guest Writers have started growing these usual ` we also want the fame` horns. Same rationale should apply to Troy here.

Its perhaps imperative that we have the site working first, but then we cant always use the `burying our heads in the sand` rationale to solve issues involving innovations that spelt a lot of good to every well meaning writer. It`s even more queer, that those who last read any story during Noah`s ark are the very same people crying foul on every shred of a thread on twitter. Perhaps one of them should just answer the question of ` what is your favorite writer on Enkare Review?`. I`d wager we will see miracles and magic in those answers.

In retrospect, the ownership belongs to Troy, and in as much as we would try to shed a little tear here and there, the domain is registered in his name, his account, with his money. Its not any different from if you come to think of it, because both are his. Yes, they might as well scream foul to all the earth for all we care, but that wont let us relent this one fact, that Troy Onyango is Enkare Review, and Enkare Review is Troy Onyango.

Get the review back up, or give it back to the owner, period! We have had enough of your press releases.Perhaps the next time any of us thinks of involving `friends` in ideas we have, we will think twice. It doesn’t always work fine,  and if it works fine in the formative stages, someone will always end up becoming the Brutus of the little play,because out here, there are human beings, and then there are members of Homo Sapiens like Carey.

I have no further words to say.


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