Oranges and Cactus, POETRY AND LOVE

The tears, flowing down the hill with ease,

A bump on the acne she had always wanted to scar,

A stop, pause, as she heaved to try stop the cry,

A moment of uncertainty as she looked up,

For the gods who had her abandoned,

And then they formed a drop, glistening,

One moment hanging on the edge of her chin,

The other, dropping off the cliff into the dark of space.


Her hopes shedding with every step,

The clouds growing in her eyes,one moment small,

A glisten that she could dab with no fuss,

The next ballooning with fury, burning her,

Her heart, her eyes,

Giving her not the space to think.


And she walked on, into the dark,

Away from the world of men and women,

Who chose to judge her on color,

Into the dark, where she hoped,

Deep within, to find some light.



via Daily Prompt: Disappear

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