Tale of our Girls

Oranges and Cactus

You and I know each other, probably. You look familiar, but what have I to pin this disturbing familiarity on? That dress that swishes of its own free will in the wind, as short as it is? Or the face, camera pretty, dolled up with numerous layers of foundations and mascara, which makes you look more of a mannequin than a doll? Ooh? It might be the walk, daunting, intimidating to some levels, but sorrily all slay queens claim copyright to this very same walk. What is it; honestly care to offer an answer, please?

I pity you, my dear. Seems like me, the earth has had its way with you. Its wars have ravaged you, made you stoop lower than is accepted for any young lady of valor. I should be staring at my bottom, trying to figure out how to pay the bill or whether the sportpesa bet I so depend on have “gone” through. But no, I am not, you are my specimen today…sorry not you, the creature beside you.

He is the perfect sample of Mr. Cholestrol.Yes, he is riveting, almost charming in a queer sort of way.Dont you feel a little regaled, biled even by his inattention to you? He ought to be your date..Sorry? Your date, a chaperon for the night? I hear his appetite for young girls only competes with his want for beer and roast beef…pole lakini..sitaki nichome picha. Yes he is hanging onto your hands, clinging even I might say, but you in your stupor, and short sighted hunt for money forgot to look at his eyes. Let me offer you a piece of advice, though you seem of the class that doesn’t listen to campus boyfriends anymore. If ever you go on a date to a bar, pay attention to sit on the opposite side of the table from you r hyena. Could I get a pat o0n the back for that, a drink probably….no thanks, not on his bill.

I am picturing you attending a TV interview after you get rich, probably from marrying him if at all this extremities of a shenanigans will ever get past the lying stage. If ever you get to be asked how you succeeded in life, just say you hang around successful people in life, practical, right? Not so much, just hope you will get another bimbo,(sorry)like you for an interviewer, a beautiful face that has rented out the space in  her head and has simple simpletonic  questions like “you are rumored to be dating the country’s biggest woman follower, can you confirm it? “Forgive my accented English, am drunk you know…And I don’t have the benefit of hours spent practicing how to roll my tongue to say war instead of what.

I have a mind to interrupt your date but I won’t, you know I won’t mind the attention if I do so. But like you I have the adept fear that bottles will fly, and I might just spoil your broth. All this time I have been racking my brain for your name, but that is hardly consequential (did I just say that). I hope you haven’t had the brain and brevity to notice my stare, all the while I thought I was only glancing. If at all you did, pass my regards to my old man..he is my dad after all.just know that you are the axe that split the wood of opur once upon a time family,and please show him to the car ndio nimpeleke home………..when you are done.




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